Final results of the Dutch Go Championships 2018

Kim Ouweleen


Rob van Zeijst wins first Dutch Open

Rob van Zeijst has done it again! The three-time European champion (1981, 1990 and 1993) claimed his second Dutch title by defeating all opposition and scoring a clean 7 wins out of 7 games. By doing so, he set a new record: after 37 years he could hold up the Dutch cup once again, making him the player with the longest period in between Dutch titles ever.
Born in 1961 in Apeldoorn (NL), Rob moved to Japan in his early twenties, where he studied go as an insei (an apprentice aiming to become a go professional) and remained in the country ever since. In Tokyo he combined his love for go with his profession as a Japanese translater. He wrote the weekly column The Magic of Go for the Daily Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper and became wellknown for his many go books in English published by Kiseido.
After several decades of living in Japan, Rob returned to the Netherlands in 2016. Since his return, amongst other things he competed in the 4th European Professional Qualification Tournament in 2017, where he reached the Semi Finals.

Winning the Dutch Championships was by no means an easy task, involving many close and exciting matches, such as the fight in the 4th round between Rob van Zeijst and Gilles van Eeden. In the final round, Rob had to face Willem-Koen Pomstra 5 dan, another veteran of Dutch go. The opening was good for Willem-Koen, but Rob showed amazing fighting spirit and managed to turn the tables on his opponent. It resulted in a perished group of Willem-Koen, who resigned, much to Rob's relief, who had thought the match was still playable.
This meant that Willem-Koen Pomstra took second place and had to decide with Rob who of them would go to the WAGC in Japan and who would take the ticket to the KPMC in Korea. Third place was surprisingly taken by Rudi Verhagen 4 dan, who had an excellent championship with 5 wins out of 7 games and slightly higher SOS points than Robert Rehm 4 dan (4th place) and Michiel Tel (5th place).
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Dutch Women's Go Championship 

Five rounds were enough to determine the winner of the Dutch Women's Go Championship.
Marika Dubiel 2 dan took the title for the eighth time in a row, an amazing performance. By defeating Justyna Klęczar 1 kyu in the final round, she showed no signs of nerves: after all, it had been Justyna that had defeated Marika in 2017, after which a play-off for the title had to be played between them (Marika won by 2 games to 1). 
In 2018 Justyna Klęczar once again took second place, followed by Tamara Havik 3 kyu on third.

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