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Title Author Publisher Year
Conflict of honorsby Steve Miller and Sharon Lee
The Vor gameLois Mcmaster Bujold
?Lawrence Durrell
?Saiichi Maruya
DriftglassSamuel Delany
In search of SugiharaHillel Levine
Spring snowYukio Mishima
Temple of dawnYukio Mishima
The tale of MurasakiLiza Dalby
Hokkaido Highway bluesWill Ferguson
The world, its peoples : Japan 1
The world, its peoples : Japan 2, Korea
Go art and philosophyHajime Okada
Go, go, go : ancient game of strategy captures new generation of playersby Marc Ramirez
Go auf einer LinieK. HeineKlaus Heine
Go / GobangSchmidt International
Die Entwicklung des Go-Spiels in Deutschland (1909-1945)von Wolfgang GötzWolfgang Götz
A new kind of scienceStephen Wolfram
Faisceau chromatiqueRoland C. WagnerMnémos
Les psychopompes de KlashRoland C. WagnerMnémos
Les chant du cosmosRoland C. WagnerMnémos
Incelikli Go sanatini kesfetmeye cagiran kucuk kitab
Forbidden colorsYukio Mishima ; translated by Alfred H. MarksVintage
SibumiTrevanianE. Yayinlari
Go ustasiYasunari KawabataRemzi Kitabevi
Seytanin saatiBernard Ollie ve Guy MaynartInkilap Kitabevi
The terminal experimentRobert J. Sawyer
Go gameDaiichi ad. co.
Global gamesMaarten van Bottenburg
Go game[Haruko Kambayashi]
In the beginning was the command lineby Neal Stephenson
The terminal experimentRobert Sawyer
An earthly crownKate ElliottDaw
The Quintara marathonJack Chalker
Trouble on TrironSamuel R. Delany
Always coming homeby Ursula K. LeGuin
The diamond ageNeal Stephenson
Harvest of starsPoul Anderson
The road to CorlayCowper
Go : beat the Japs at their own game
The importance of livingby Lin YutangContinental book company AB
Oriental go : a Jacobs classical gameJacobs
Go chess : milenario y apasionante juego orientalIndustria Argentina
Go chess : reglas del juegoIndustria Argentina
Go in ChinaJohn FairbairnBritish Museum Press
Го, исскуство спорт жизнь : краткий обзо (Go, isskustvo, sport, zhizn’ : kratkiy obzor) [Go, art, sport, life : short review]
8й Тэнгэн : тест - партия (8j Tèngèn : test - partiâ) [8th Tengen : game tests]KATAOKA Сaтoси
Го пословицы (Go poslovicy) [Go proverbs][СЕГОЕ Кенсаку]
Тэсудзи (Tèsudzi) [Tesuji]СAKATA Эйо
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