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Title Author Publisher Year
Strange stories from a Chinese studiotranslated and annotated by Herbert A. GilesDover Publications1969
Isle of womanPiers AnthonyTom Doherty Associates1994
Ki : a practical guide for WestenersWilliam Reed; foreword by Koichi ToheiJapan Publications1986
A book of chessAlexander, C.H.O'D ; edited and designed by Derek BirdsallHutchinson1973
Go-bang : historical notes, with description of the original game, as played in China, Japan, etc., with a brief treatise on theby A. Howard CadyAmerican Sports Publishing Company1896
Goh or wei chi : a handbook of the game and full instructions for play = Goh or wei chi : the probable origin of chess & draughtby Horace F. Cheshire ; introduction and critical notes by T. KoHorace F. Cheshire1911
The Encyclopedia Sinicaby Samuel CoulingOxford University press, Humphrey Milford1917
Chen king de kien loungCouvreur, S1896
Le ki : memoire sur les biensseances et les ceremoniesCouvreur, S1913
ABC du goHervé DickyJeulogic1974
Invitation to goJohn FairbairnOxford University Press1977
Traité du jeu de goRoger J. GiraultL' Impensé Radical1973
Die Elemente des Go : Versuch einer Analyse der Gesetze dieses Spielesvon L. GrebeL. Grebe1930
De Chinesche pilgrim Hioen-tsang en zyne reizen in Indië.Hoffmann, Js.a.
A preliminary analysis of goHutchinson, C.RUniversity of Arizona1971
An analysis of goCraig R. HutchinsonUniversity of Arizona1972
Steppingstones to goby Shigemi KishikawaCharles E. Tuttle1977
Video game #3 : a go protocol with commentsKerwin, J., Reitman, WUniversity of Michigan, Mental health research institute1973
The British go association organisers' handbookBritish Go AssociationBritish go association1983
Computer heuristics for five-in-a-rowKoniver, DMIT, Department of Mathematics1963
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