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Title Author Publisher Year
A dictionary of the Chinese language, in three parts : part the second : Chinese and English arranged alphabetically : part 2 - by R. MorrisonP.P. Thoms1819
A dictionary of the Chinese language, in three parts : vol . 2 - part 1by R. MorrisonKingsbury, Parbury and Allen1822
A drama of fluctuating fortunesby Liu Siming1986
A fire on the borderKevel O'Donnells.a.
A functional MRI study of high-level cognition : II. The game of goXiangchuan Chen, Daren Zhang, Ziaochu Zhang, Zhihao Li, Xiaomei 2002
A gallery of gamesby Catherine Marchon-ArnaudTicknor & Fields1994
A glossary of reference on subjects connected with the far eastby Herbert A. GilesCurzon press1974
A go board for the MacintoshWebster, B.F1984
A go primerby Gilbert W. RosenthalGilbert W. Rosenthal1943
A go-player's lifeIwamoto Kaoru ; compiled and translated by John Power1987
A good startby Liu Siming1986
A guide to find the next moveby L. Spijkerfreegame's teaching school2010
A guide to go game : the game of go, learning according to the method of "Voskhozhdenie"Igor Grishin, Timur Saitov ; edited by Tatyana Grishina ; translGo school "Voskhozhdenie"2006
A handbook of KoreaKim Yung-kwon (ed.)Korean overseas information service ; Ministry of Culture and In1978
A history of board games other than chessby H.J.R. MurrayHacker art books1978
A history of board-games other than chessby H.J.R. MurrayOxford University Press1952
A history of chessJerzy Gizycki ; english text edited by B.H. Wood ; translated byAbbey library1977
A history of chessby H.J.R. MurrayOxford University Press1913
A history of Japanese literature from the Man'yoshu to Modern TimesShuigi Kato ; translated & edited by Don SandersonJapan Library1997
A hundred things JapaneseJapan cultural institute1976
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