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Title Author Publisher Year
Go, das älteste Brettspiel der WeltNeuberger, H1927
Go comes Westby Francis Roads1972
Go : Francis Roads annotates a master game in this new series for the average playerby Francis Roads1978
Go, het boeiende omsingelingsspel[A.P.H.] Schilp1965
The implementation of a go boardSoule, S1978
Geestelijke krachtmeting : go, het oudste spel ter wereldJ. Stuurman1974
A computer assisted study of go on m x n boardsThorpe, E., Walden, W.E1972
Goby John Tilley1973- 1974
Wei-ch'iby Z. Volpicelli1891-1892
How to make a computer appear intelligent : five-in-a-row offers no guaranteeWeizenbaum, J1962
Computer go : the Reitman-Wilcox programby Bruce Wilcox and Walter Reitman1979
Go, het spel der Japanners1929
The orient's ancient game 'go'1923
American Go Association rules of go1972
Go and scienceBannei, J1962
Go in Europe in the seventeenth centuryBlom, J.Ks.a.
Lernkurven im GoBorchers, W1977
The Chinese rules of goDavies, J1978
The Japanese rules of goDavies, J1979
Kybernetik beim Go-SpielHeine, K1973
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