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Title Author Publisher Year
Go and go-moku : the oriental board gamesby Edward LaskerDover1960
Modern chess strategy : with an appendix on goby Edward LaskerDavid McKay Company1945
Brettspiele der Völkervon Emanuel LaskerAugust Scherl1931
Le jeu de go : règle et pratiqueClaude-Marcel Laurent :préface de P. Mérissert-CoffinièresEditions Bornemann1973
Opera omnia, nunc primum collecta, in classes distributa, præsationibus & indicibus exornata, studio ludovici dutens : tomus quiGothofredi Guillelmi Leibnitiiapud Fratres de Tournes1768
Les bases techniques du go : livre 1: le jeu à neuf pierres de handicapLim Yoo Jong, Hervé DickyJeulogic1974
Geschichte und Literatur des Schachspiels : erster Band (mit 415 Diagrammen.)von Antonius van der LindeVerlag von Julius Springer1874
Go, das japanische Brettspiel : eine Anleitung zur Selbstherstellung des Spielbrettes und der Steine, ausführliche Erläuterungenvon Dr. Joachim Loewa unter freundlicher Mitwerkung von Felix DuFriedrich M. Hörhold-verlag K.G.1954
Japanese game of "go"by Fukumensi Mihori ; translated by Z.T. IwadoBoard of tourist industry ; Japanese government railways1939
Go proverbsby David MitchellGo Press1980
A history of board-games other than chessby H.J.R. MurrayOxford University Press1952
La Cina ed i Cinesi : loro leggi e costumi : vol. 2Giuseppe Domenico MussoUlrico Hoepli1926
An easy introduction to goH. Otake, S. Futakuchi ; translated by J. DaviesSeibundo Shinkosha1980
The game of wei-chiby Daniele Pecorini and Tong Shu ; with a foreword by H.A. GilesLongmans, Green and co.1929
Oriental board games : Chinese chess, shogi, goby David PritchardEP Publishing1977
Purchas his pilgrimage, or relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creatioby Samuel PurchasHenry Fetherstone1617
Meesterschap : een verkenningR. Rehm[s.n.]1978
Della entrata della compagnia di Giesu e christianita nella CinaMatteo Riccis.a.
Storia dell'introduzione del Cristianesimo in Cino : parte 1 : libri 1-3 : da Macao a NanciamMatteo Ricci ; edita da Pasquale M. d'EliaLa libreria dello stato1942
China in the sixteenth century : the journals of Matthew Ricci : 1583-1610Matthew Ricci ; translated by Louis J. Gallagher ; foreword by RRandom House1953
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