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Title Author Publisher Year
Games of the Orient : Korea, China, Japanby Stewart CulinTuttle1958
Go for funby S.J. DowseyJust Games Publishing1975
Das Gospiel : mit 82 Stellungsbildernvon Felix DueballAlbrecht Philler[1955?]
Games ancient and oriental and how to play them : being the games of the ancient Egyptians, the hiera gramme of the Greeks, the by Edward FalkenerLongmans, Green and Co.1892
Chinese childhoodFawdry, MBarron's, Pollock's Toy Theatres Ltd.1977
A history of chessJerzy Gizycki ; english text edited by B.H. Wood ; translated byAbbey library1977
The world of kiby John D. GoodellRiverside Research Press1957
Spelletjes uit de hele wereld : fijn om te maken en te spelenTekst door Frederic V. Grunfeld, Léon Vié, Gerald Williams & R.CKosmos1975
Taktikspiele aus aller Welt : eine Einführung in die spannendsten Spiele ohne Karten und WürfelGrupp, Claus DAss Verlag, Verlag der vereinigten Altenburger und Strahlsunder 1974
The ABC of go : the national war-game of Japanby W.A. de HavillandKelly & Walsh Ltd.1910
De ludis orientalibus : libri duo : Historia Nerdiludii etc.Thomas HydeE Theatro Sheldoniano1694
Syntagma dissertationum quas olim Hyde separatim edidit. incl. 'De ludis orientalibus'Thomas HydeGreg. Sharpe1767
Wei-ch'i : principles and rulesby Ing Chang-kis.n.1975
Go for beginnersKaoru IwamotoPantheon Books1976
Le guide marabout du goKaoru IwamotoMarabout1976
Go voor beginnersKaoru IwamotoHet Spectrum1976
How to play go gameby Haruko KambayashiToshido1961
Go game for beginnersby Haruko Kambayashi ; translated by Masatsugu Tsuzawa and DonalJapan Publications Trading Company1977
Een paard voor een koninkrijk : 100 bord- en denkspelletjesWim van der KolkBert Bakker1976
The theory and practice of goby O. Korschelt ; translated and edited by Samuel P. King and GeCharles E. Tuttle1966
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