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Title Author Publisher Year
9-Dan showdown : the Go-Fujisawa ten-game matchesJohn FairbairnSlate & Shell2010
9-й Кисэй (9-j Kisèj) [9th Kisei]
9th Kukgi titleby Jimmy Cha1984-1985
9x9 SpielSLB Immobilien Marketing GmbH2008?
?Lawrence Durrell
?Saiichi Maruya
A summary of go rulesYoshio TsuchiyaInstitut für Strahlenchemie1980
À bas Yeong-HakoYumi Hotta (scénario), Obata Takeshi (dessin)Éditions Tonkam2006
A beautiful mind2002
A beautiful mind : a biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr.Sylvia NasarFaber and Faber2001
A beginner's guide to go : the world's greatest gameby Noble D. CarlsonAmerican go association1966
A beginner's guide to go, the world's greatest gameSato Kei Shotens.a.
A beginner's guide to go, the world's greatest gameNihon Ki-ins.a.
A book of chessAlexander, C.H.O'D ; edited and designed by Derek BirdsallHutchinson1973
A brief explanation of goR.H. Foxs.a.
A brief history of modern go : from 1868 to the presentJohn PowerIshi Press1992
A champion for all seasons : Takagawa Kakuby Bob Terry1985
A checker championby F. Hirose1915
A child's garden of grasss.a.
A Chinese way of seeing the worldby Elisabeth Papineau2001
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