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Title Author Publisher Year
30k-20k Study bookOliver RichmanOliver Richman2004
321GoH.O.T. Sports + Toys2005
38 basic josekiby Kiyoshi Kosugi and James DaviesIshi Press1973
38 джосеки (38 džoseki) [38 joseki]KOСУГИ Кийоси, ДЭЙВИС Джеймс
38 основных дзёсэки (38 osnovnyh dzësèki)[38 basic joseki]КОСУГИ Кийоси
4 Great games : Chess (Western), Shogi (Japanese chess), Shiang Chi (Chinese chess), Go (Wei Chi) : rules and strategy for beginby Tony HoskingThe Shogi foundation1998
4. Kieler-Woche-Go-Turnier : TurnierberichtZusammenstellung, Überarbeitung, Herausgabe: Thomas NaumannThomas Naumann1983
40-й Хонинбо (40-j Honinbo) [40th Honinbo]
400 years of go in JapanAndrew GrantSlate & Shell2003
43rd European go congress : bulletin : 24th July - 7th August 1999 : Podbanské, SlovakiaSlovakia Go Association1999
45 судзи (сборник задач, составитель и краткий перевод Ю. Макеева) (45 sudzi (sbornik zadač, sostavitel’ i kratkij perevod Û. Ma
45th European go championship : Dublin, Ireland - 2001Naomi Gibson (ed.)Irish go association2001
5. Kieler Woche Go-Turnier + Deutsche Meisterschaft 1984Naumann, Thomas (ed.)Go-Spielkreis Kiel e.V.1984
53rd European go congress, Groningen 2009Edited by Marieke Overbeek, Rob van Fucht and Ronald VerhagenNederlandse go bond2010
57th European go congress, Olsztyn 2013 - PolandPolish Go Association2013
645 задач по технике Го (645 zadač po tehnike Go) [645 problems on the technique of Go]БОГАЦКИЙ Аркадий2002
6x6, 9x9 gameNihon Ki-in2008?
6й Кисэй : том 1 (6j Kisèj : tom 1) [6th Kisei : vol. 1]MAСАГИ Саваи
8-line-go[John D. Goodell]Riverside Research Press[1958]
8й Тэнгэн : тест - партия (8j Tèngèn : test - partiâ) [8th Tengen : game tests]KATAOKA Сaтoси
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