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Title Author Publisher Year
Fuseki im GrundrissGo-Sangyo1976
Go : Kisei-sen : 1990 Jan. 17-18. : DüsseldorfYomiuri Shimbun1990
Der 15. Go-Meijin-sen : Go-Meijin-MeisterschaftAsahi Shimbun1990
Go-EM '90 : Go-Computer EM '90Austrian Go-Federation1990
The 10th world amateur go championshipNihon Ki-in1988
The 11th world amateur go championshipNihon Ki-in1989
Fujitsu North American Championship 1989[Washington State Go Association]1989
Rules for weichi playing and competition 1988 : examined and approved by the Chinese Weichi Association.Shu Rong Chess & Bridge Press1989
Go : das 4000 Jahre alte Brettspiel OstasiensGo-Sangyo1975
Traité du jeu de goJeux Morizes.a.
Go initiation : 1Revue française de go1985?
Go initiation : 2Revue française de go1985?
Regards sur le goAssociation Go - Revue française de go1983
A beginner's guide to go, the world's greatest gameSato Kei Shotens.a.
Het spel go[Japan Air Lines]1975
Catalog 1990 : Ishi press internationalIshi Press International1990
The 11th world amateur go championship[Nihon Ki-in]1989
Programma Interpolis go tweekampInterpolis verzekeringen1985
World amateur go championship : rulesNihon Ki-in1980
Go-Aufgaben : Teil 5Manfred Venzs.a.
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