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Title Author Publisher Year
Kommentierte Go-Partien IIGo-Sangyos.a.
Kommentierte Go-Partien IIIGo-Sangyo Verlag1974
Kommentierte Meisterpartien IVGo-Sangyo Verlag1997
Kommentierte Go-Partien VGo-Sangyo Verlags.a
38 basic josekiby Kiyoshi Kosugi and James DaviesIshi Press1973
The laws of wei-ch'iWei-ch'i Association of the Republic of China1975
The breakthrough to shodanby Naoki Miyamoto ; translated by James DaviesIshi Press1976
What's your rating?by Naoki Miyamoto ; translated by Richard BozulichIshi Press1975
A dictionary of the Chinese language, in three parts : part the first : containing Chinese and English, arranged according to thby R. MorrisonP.P. Thoms1815
A dictionary of the Chinese language, in three parts : part the second : Chinese and English arranged alphabetically : part 2 - by R. MorrisonP.P. Thoms1819
A dictionary of the Chinese language, in three parts : vol . 2 - part 1by R. MorrisonKingsbury, Parbury and Allen1822
Strategic concepts of goby Yoshiaki Nagahara ; in collaboration with Richard BozulichIshi Press1974
Science and civilisation in China : vol. 3 : mathematics and the sciences of the heavens and the earthby Joseph Needham ; with the collaboration of Wang LingCambridge university press1959
Science and civilisation in China : vol. 4, physics and physical technology : part 1: physicsby Joseph Needham ; with the collaboration of Wang Ling and KennCambridge university press1962
The endgameby Tomoko Ogawa and James DaviesIshi Press1976
Appreciating famous gamesby Shuzo Ohira ; translated by John FairbairnIshi Press1977
Invincible : the games of Shusakucompiled, edited & translated by John PowerKiseido Publishing Company1982
A program for playing go: interim reportReitman, W., Wilcox, BUniversity Of Michigan1976
Republic of China wei-ch'i association laws of wei-ch'i'Republic of China wei-ch'i association1974
Der Nahkampf in der EckeU. RingDruck und Verlag P. Kreis u. P. Schnell1973
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