European Student Go Championship 2016

August 15 2016 by William Wandel

The full tournament schedule will be announced later. However, the registration desk will be open on Saturday from 09:15 till 09:45. On Sunday the closing ceremony will be around 17:45.

Only full time students at university or college, aged below 29 years of age and 16 or over on 1st August, may play in the ESGC. Note: also students of the winter-semester 2016/17 are allowed to participate, as long as they can show credibly that they are "accepted students" for the winter-semester 2016/2017.

One prize is qualification for the World Students College Championship which will be held next year in Thailand, supposedly around 10th of July. EGF supports travelling expenses to World Students College Championship up to 500 EUR.

In addition the EGF can nominate two amateur pairs for the World Student Pair Go Championship 2016, so the top two amateur male and female players of European Student Go Championship will qualify. Important: The players in a pair of the Student Pair Go Championship need not be from the same country. They will start as Europe 1 and Europe 2.

However: The winner of the European Student Championship has the choice for either College Championship or Pair-Student-Event. He/she cannot play the Colllege Event AND the Student Pair Event.

Till Monday August 22 each EGF-member can nominate one female and one male representative. If these register before Monday August 22 afternoon, the will get free hotel accommodation for the night from Saturday on Sunday.

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European and World open Shogi Championships

August 9 2016 by William Wandel

The European Go Cultural Centre welcomes you to the European and World open Shogi championships of 2016!

We are very happy and proud to host this event, as Shogi is culturally related with Go. In Japan a lot of people play both games. 

Visitors are most welcome!

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European Student Go Championship

European Championship

Date: September 24 - 25 2016
Location: European Go Cultural Centre
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